Student trainee

Your situation

You are a student and want to do a professional work placement in France.

The conditions

Your project must be part of a training course organised in your country of residence (school curriculum, university degree or qualification) or an EU cooperation programme or an intergovernmental scheme in the fields of education, training, youth or culture.

Your visa

Your supporting documentation

In addition to the supporting documentation related to your personal situation as indicated in the visa wizard, you must include the training agreement (pdf - in French only) concluded between yourself, the training establishment and the host company in France.

If the duration of the work placement exceeds 90 days, the agreement must first be validated by the French authorities following a request from your host company or training establishment.

NB: Canadian nationals coming to France to take part in a work placement scheme are not required to have their agreement signed by the Préfecture (police station).

Details about financial resource conditions

You must be able to prove that you receive the equivalent of the basic monthly maintenance allowance paid to French Government scholarship holders, i.e. 615 Euros. If the placement exceeds two months, the allowance paid to you by the company will be taken into account when evaluating your financial situation.

NB: Interns taking part in a European Union cooperation programme or an intergovernmental scheme do not need to prove their financial resources.